Top 10 Celebrity Photo Booth Moments

When it comes to celebrities you find all sorts of photos out there. Candid moments are usually what most people are interested in. Rather than relying on stalkerazzi, you can get a real look into the lives of the rich and famous as they stop for their own personal photo strips. Just like everyone else, these high profile individuals love a moment to themselves commemorated forever.


One Direction and Fans

One Direction threw a huge party for their movie release. One of the most popular parts of the entire event was the photo booth. Harry and Liam were seen constantly in the booth with various fans giving them a photo to hold dear.


Morgan Freeman Getting Silly

Morgan Freeman is usually so serious, but not when you get him alone in a photo booth. Here you will see just how funny the dramatic actor can be.


Super Couple Zac and Vanessa

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgins might not still be together but this photo lasts forever. Those who are still mourning the loss of teenage love can revel in the moment captured when they were a little bit younger and happy together.


Anne and Her Oscar

Anne Hathaway went through so much on her long road to Oscar. Bad fiancée, difficult career choices, and then, everything fell in line. She met the right man, got married and landed Hollywood’s most coveted prize. It was a perfect storm caught in the Vanity Fair photo booth.


Classic Marilyn and Joe

We might all think photo booths are something new, but this picture showcases the fact that everyone has always loved a photo booth. Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe took a moment to snap four quick shots here and it has last long past both of their demise.


Katy Perry and Those Eyes

It doesn’t matter where she is, you can’t miss those saucer sized eyes. Katy Perry posed with a few friends and it seems you hardly notice anyone else in the photo because she just draws you in.


The Presidential Option

This is a great moment that will last forever because of a photo booth. The Kennedy life has never been an easy one. Tragedy and rumor seems to infiltrate every moment of their existence, but this photo booth image showcases Jack and Jackie enjoying a fun moment far from the public eye.


Loosening up on “Revenge”

A serious show full of death and destruction but the cast is much more light-hearted than you would think. Here is just a glimpse into how much fun they have when the cameras stop rolling.



The Biebs

What celeb list would be complete without something from Justin Bieber. While he may be in lots of trouble now and Selena has gone her own way, this photo lives on in the internet universe. The happy couple used to have pleasant shots rather than mug shots.


Bill Murray

You can always count on Bill Murray to take it to the next level and here it is. While not a real photo booth sitting (we hope), Bill is making an artistic statement here as he hams it up for the camera. Do you think he’s totally naked?