5 Tips to Taking a Great Photo Booth Picture

While Sydney Photo Booth guarantees a great experience with our innovative designs and high quality equipment, what really makes for a great photo depends on you as the user. Here are a few of the Sydney Photo Booth team’s helpful hints:

1. Embrace your silliness! But seriously, don’t be afraid to look a tad ridiculous. The magic of photo booths is the sillier you are, the more fun you have (and the better your pictures turn out). We’ve seen grandmas posing for the photo booth with furry hats and pom poms and couples pretending to have an epic battle with plastic samurai swords. Plus, you’ll look just as silly with a picture of you just standing there and your eyes mid blink. Trust me, we’ve all done it.

Blog - silly picture

2. Pick out your props ahead of time. Sydney Photo Booth take four pictures with 10 seconds in between each photo. We have tons of fun props that will catch your eye, but 10 seconds isn’t enough time to sort through them all. If you pick them out with your friends you could even go with themes and have pictures that will have you laughing all night long. And you’ll have time to focus on your actual pose.
Blog - props picture

3. The more the merrier… Grab a few of your friends. Actually grab 8 of them! Our photo booths can fit up to 8 people in our medium size booth and up to 12 people in our large size booth. Having a ton of people makes the process more fun and leads to some hilarious pictures as everyone runs around trying to fit. You can switch props between pictures, make faces, and change positions.

4. …Or keep it cozy with two. Photo booths have a romantic aura about them, and your pictures can embrace that. Add mustaches and lips, and blow kisses. Blog - props photo

5. Think outside the box. I’m not the best at coming up with super clever ideas, but it’s ok to copy other people! I promise no one is going to tell. Consider Brady Bunch style pictures, faux throwing a ball in one picture and catching it in the next, or use props in ways you wouldn’t typically think of (i.e. a magnifying glass can be used to create a fish eye effect if you hold it over the camera).