How to get your guests to mingle at your wedding/birthday? Hire a photo booth!

Whether you are at a wedding or a party it is always obvious who knows one another and who does not. You sit there looking at everyone and there are these little cliques that form all around the room. In general that is fine, but as the host who brought everyone together there is a certain amount of anxiety that comes when not everyone mingles. You wonder why they don’t and often it is simply because they don’t know what they have in common. That is where a photo booth can break down the walls, the traditions and open everyone up to getting to know each other.

The Birthday Party Experience
Birthday Parties are about many things, but one of the most important is meeting new people. Of course you rarely go to a party where you don’t at least have one person to talk to and then suddenly you become this island in the middle of a bigger pond. A photo booth breaks down this effect. Suddenly, other than waiting in line for drinks, there is another place to congregate and start conversations with others. It is the perfect mingling moment. Think of it as an update to the “how many people can fit in a phone booth” game.

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The Wedding Experience
Here, not only do you have the line to get people talking but you also have the opportunity to force people to take photos together. This can be the simple thing that breaks down the line between the bride’s side and the groom’s side and ends with everyone sharing the fun in the confines of the photo booth. Before you know it you are getting combinations of friends you never expected.

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Showing Images
Another thing that happens is everyone goes back to their table or their area and shares their copy of the photos they just took. As the pictures get passed around people get new ideas or start to ask questions. It is a much better ice breaker than “what do you do” or “how do you know BLANK?” Instead these people are having real conversations about themselves that can go anywhere. It opens the door in a more conversational way than your standard awkward greetings.

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Finally, the mingling of the photo booth comes from sharing. It is a total throwback to kindergarten but one of the best ways to make friends remains sharing. Whether you are showing the images, sharing props or sharing space, there is something that is inviting about the process. Before you know it, the stranger next to you is your new friend. Sharing just happens at a photo booth, you can’t stop it!

These are just a few examples of how a photo booth can alter any event and make it a more mingle friendly environment. It might seem simple, but sometimes the most obvious options are the best solution. You can check out some of the mingling that has been done in the photo strips highlighted here, on Sydney Photo Booth.