Photo Booth Trends, Why are you Trending?

There are a number of different speculations as to why photo booth popularity took off. Each one is based in fact and reasoning but can it really answer the psychology behind the photo booth? Can it really answer why people seem to love jumping in and taking pictures? Below are a few speculations and the reasoning behind each and every one. You can decide what you think is the most accurate.

The Spike
There was a spike in photo booths back in 2005 but it started to steadily grow in popularity in 2006. They seem to have reached their peak in 2011, fell off a bit and are back to climbing again. The truth is, a photo booth is never going to go away. It has morphed and adjusted in past decades and will continue to do so.

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Photo Booth Trends

Printed images
By 2005 most people had a phone in their pocket that had an the ability to take a picture. There had already been a huge move to digital photography but the phone really took it to another level. When you stop in a photo booth you walk away with a print. This is something of an anomaly right now.
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Instant Gratification
Unlike the days when you would go and pose for photos, there is something to be said about the instant gratification of a photo booth. In this society no one wants to wait a week for photos. It is a way to draw the customer in and make them happy immediately.

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The Portability
The final key to why the popularity spiked up was the ability to be much more mobile. The photo booths you see at parties were not possible 10 years ago. Now there are amazing printers and computers that can process photos quickly making it so you can set it up anywhere. The lightweight nature makes it easy for people to set up even in a small, little corner.For these reasons, maybe just one or a combination of all of them, the photo booth continues to be a popular choice. There are times when people will be “over it” but in the end they will always come back. Taking pictures will always be popular, so there is no reason to believe the photo booth will ever disappear. Maybe someday it will be a holograph booth!