How to Customise your Photo prints?

At Sydney Photo Booth we strive to provide our customers with a personalised photo booth experience not only by offering a variety of choices including the photo booth size, curtain colour, customised photo layouts, a great selection of premium props but also by customising photo prints itself. That’s where our custom designs come in to play – Sydney Photo Booth doesn’t just provide entertainment for all the guests, but it enhances an event as a whole through its personable details.

Custom designs include things such as having a logo or personal message printed on the photo. Wedding designs such as hearts or love birds add a touch of romance to an event, while company logos add marketing benefits to an event.

blog picture - custom design

To add extra “wow” effect, you can also customise your photo with one of our colorful patters or your can choose your own. We can accommodate anything from logos to patterns to professional or engagement photos. It’s these little details that add a personal touch to your whole photo booth experience.

becHere are a few hints on how to get the best possible design for your event:

1) Decide on the purpose of your design – Do you want to use this as a marketing opportunity? Celebrate your relationship? Promote your cause? Or simply match your theme? Deciding the intent of the design first can help you narrow in on the ideal design for your event.

2) Be specific on details such as colors and fonts – Did you know there are over 100 shades of blue? While you may have a color scheme in mind, the best way to turn your ideas into reality is to provide the best and most detailed information you have. Actions as simple as looking up fonts and colours before hand can make your vision and our creation a seamless transition.

3) Take your venue into account – If you have an outside venue at night, your pictures are inevitably going to be a little darker than an indoor, well-lit venue. Consider brighter colors to lighten up the print or pick colors that match whatever curtain colour you have selected.

stripes with mickey 4) Send us pictures of logos, patterns, or invitations – This is the absolute best step to take if you want your photo design to exactly match your special occasion. We will incorporate the images provided to compliment the details of your event.

5) Give us feedback – A lot of the times, customers are comfortable giving Sydney Photo Booth artistic license to make their custom designs. While we are confident in our abilities to come up with something unique, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the final product. Let us know your thoughts on our design before the event.

The fun part about hiring a photo booth is that they provide a great entertainment and a souvenir of the night. Custom designs create a personal touch that will help you and your guests remember the night long after it is over. Be sure to take advantage of it!