Scrapbooking with Your Photos

When your photo booth package does not include a photo album, you as the host of the party will get copies of everyone’s photos. Flipping through them you will relive all the fun of your event but then comes the problem of how to properly store all the images. While you also get a USB stick with all the photos, likely you will want to create something else  as well. Scrapboking with photo booth photos can be lots of fun and there are endless possibilities how to utilize your creativity. Here we share only few ideas you can implement. 

scrapbooking photos
Carry the Theme of the Party Over
The easiest answer is to carry the theme of the party over. If you were doing superheroes, then make sections dedicated to those characters. If you were doing carnival, find stickers and additions that make the party theme come to life all around the photos. You can even use pieces of the party decorations as part of the pages. You will have memories of all parts of the party forever.

scrapbooking your photosCreate a “Mug shot Profile”

If you like to write this can be a fun way to go about putting your images together. Make each page a mug shot page for those in the picture with fun little facts about them in the form of why they are “wanted.” You can recap other things you know about them or even just the happenings at the party, such as “won the dance competition” or “first to pass out.” Whatever fits the bill you can really make it personal.

Mix & Match
Since the photo booth shots come out in sets of four, you have lots of opportunities to mix and match. Cut the groups apart and pair them with other like faces or poses. You can create the illusion that many people were in the photo booth together when they may have been no where near each other. Beware, your kissing pages might go on forever and ever at adult parties.
scrapbooking with your photos

Create a Timeline

Depending on the party, a timeline in the order the photos were taken can be fun. For kids parties there can be additions such as clean faces at the beginning, face painting later and then food everywhere even later. For adults, the fun of a time line quite often comes with how much people have had to drink. It might be quite easy to determine who was hitting the punch a bit harder than the others. If you don’t want to go full scrapbook, consider a giant collage.

 These are just a few ideas to uniquely scrapbook your photos. You can really do anything you want, you simply have to put your thinking cap on and let your creativity take over. Sometimes just laying the photos next to each other will give you the inspiration you need.