How to Design the Best Looking Photo Strip for your Event?

photo strip pictures

Now, you’ve hired a photo booth, decided on the hiring period length but have you thought about the design of the actual photos you will be keeping and giving as a memento to all your guests?

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when designing what the photo will look like on the night. This will vary depending on the type of the event. With birthdays and weddings, the design can be matched with the design of the invitations or can be simply created based on what colours, patters and type of font you like. When making your choices, it is good to always keep in mind what curtain colour/backdrop you are having and match styles so they compliment one another. What personal message would you like to include on the photo strip is yet another thing to consider. You can keep it simple, including your names and a date or you can include your favourite quote.

Before booking your photo booth, check with the company whether they provide assistance with the photo design. Some companies offer standard templates and some like us will be able to custom design. At Sydney Photo Booth, we will find out your ideas and will work with you to create a design you will love! We will create several mock ups and ask you to provide feedback ensuring the final result is what you imagined to be. A good starting point is to check some of our past photo designs and tell us what styles do you like.

Remember, the photo design should be fun and do not be afraid to let your creativity flow.