Are your Events Boring?

boring eventOne of the worst fears of someone planning an event, especially in Sydney is whether their guests will be bored outta their mind or not. Sydney is considered one of the top party scenes in the world! So the bar has been set really high! I mean c’mon, we’ve all been to a boring event before! Looking at your clock, playing Candy Crush on your phone, wondering when someone will leave the party so you won;t be the first person to leave. Having a boring party can be the WORST. INSULT. EVER! You don’t want to be that person known for throwing boring events, do you?You are probably asking yourself “then tell me how can I make my celebration less boring?” We got you covered.

First, think about all your guests and put yourself in their shoes. What do they like? Dislike? What can every guest, young or mature, do that will be interactive and fun?

Second, you have to realize not everyone likes or knows how to dance. So have something for those guests to do to keep them engaged. By keeping them engaged, your peeps will not get bored. One suggestion is incorporating a game that involves every guest!

Lastly, think about how guests can have a memorable experience. Something they can take home to remember your not so boring wedding, birthday, or corporate event. Give them something that won’t just sit there and collect dust. You want your guests to look at that keepsake and say…that’s was the BEST NIGHT EVER! Why did it have to end?

If you are still drawing a blank, Sydney Photo Booth can help! We create and capture memories and a very fun and interactive way. From birthday parties to weddings and everything in between, nothing says fun like adding a photo booth to the party! Sydney Photo Booth knows the importance of capturing these once in a lifetime moments that will be treasured forever! So what are you waiting for? Request a quote or contact us today at to reserve your upcoming event and be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest: