Using a Photo Booth as a Marketing Tool for your Event!

Real insurance photo booth marketing initiativeAside from being one of the most fun things to have at any event a photo booth can make for a fantastic marketing tool. Whether it be product launches, corporate client events, expos, shopping centre stall set ups or the company christmas party a photo booth hire can get any brand noticed and more importantly remembered.

There are a number of ways a photo booth can be used for marketing purposes but the easiest and cheapest way is by having a custom logo appear on the photostrip. This can either be in place of one of the photostrip frames (generally the bottom frame) or it can be in addition to the standard frames. Having a logo ensures that the brand will be remembered for years to come and will likely end up in a prominent place like the fridge or on a photo wall.

Another option is custom back drops. Some of the bigger booths will replace their standard back drops with posters or custom back drops so that the brand image is part of every picture which makes for great exposure.

For the bigger brands with bigger budgets there is photo booth branding. This normally involves some sort of wrapping of the photo booth to really give the brand the ultimate photo booth exposure. The actual application and material varies from booth to booth but corflute, printed magnets and decals are some of the more common forms.

Technology is also becoming very useful for photo booth marketing. The ability for photo booths to connect to the internet and various applications like Facebook and Instagram is also proving to be very useful in brand marketing.

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If you’re in marketing or looking for new and interesting ways to market your business, product or brand then give the humble photo booth hire a go, it’s sure to impress! Contact Sydney Photo Booth: or call 0452 474 742.