Types of Photo Booths for Events: Enclosed or Open? Which type of photo booth is right for you?


Enclosed photo booths come in different styles: curtains, walls or panels.
The main advantage of enclosed photo booths is the privacy they offer. Anything goes behind the closed curtains and people tend to “let loose” more knowing they are not being watched.

Curtain photo booths in particular tend to offer more of an elegant look in comparison to the wall/panel booths. With curtain booths you can also choose from different curtain colours to match your theme. With wall/panel style photo booths this is not possible.

Finally, you can normally fit 4-15 people in curtain enclosed photo booths, which again is a great advantage over the wall/panel style photo booths where the space is usually limited to 4 people.

Photo Booth types_2

Pros to enclosed Booths: Privacy they offer, Instant Prints for guests to take home as a souvenir, Elegant looks (curtain enclosed).
Cons: Less room (Wall & Panel booths usually fit only up to 4 people); Less entertainment for onlookers who are not able to see inside the photo booth.

This type of photo booth doesn’t have walls; it simply consists of a taped square on the floor for guests to stand in, a backdrop, a lively photographer, and professional studio lights.
The booth is operated by the photo booth assistant who remotely releases the camera as they are egging people on. They wait for the perfect reaction to something they’ve said or done.

open air photo booth
Open Photo Booth

The benefit of this type of photo booths is that they really capture the moment, versus people standing in front of a camera and just smiling. Plus your guests get to see other people from the wedding/birthday party making silly moves such as karate kicks, tango dips and pulling funny faces – which can be highly amusing, however it’s important to keep in mind that some guests may be shy and may not feel comfortable to have such a photo taken in front of others.

As demonstrated, hiring this type of photo booth for parties has also its pros & cons.

Pros to open Booths: Room to move/less claustrophobia, more-animated photos because the photographer is interacting with guests.
Cons: No photo strips on the spot, so guests can’t take them home as a souvenir or see them right away.



Photo Booth Hire Tips

• Check out vendors’ photos of the photo booth your’re going to rent
• Ask the vendor to share with you a sample of the photo the booth produces, making sure it’s high quality
• Hire the photo booth for enough time. The standard three hours may be too short, especially if you have 200 guests or more.
• Make sure guests are aware of the photo booth; have someone mention it at the beginning of the event
• Allot some photos for your guestbook and allow guests to take the rest home.
• Make sure USB of all of the photos is included

• Wait until the last minute to reserve a booth. Vendors’ calendars fill quickly, especially during the warmer months.
• Be shy about asking questions about pricing, including whether there are discounts for off-season or Friday or Sunday weddings.