Your Photo Booth Relationship

It is funny when you think about how you live out a whole relationship in a series of four photos. There is much thought that goes into what to do in the photo booth. The relationship between two people or a group of people comes to life and alters as each flash goes off. Each image captures a new feeling and a new moment that can relate directly to a whole lifetime.

The Beginning
The first picture in the photo booth is often the most subdued. It takes a minute to think of what you might want to do. In some of the photos, not everyone is settled yet, the flash goes too quickly or someone is pointing trying to figure out the spacing. This is just like the beginning of any relationship, trying to figure it out, choosing the balance.
20140712_213330 - Copy (3)

Getting Silly
Suddenly after the flash goes off everyone gets a spark of inspiration. This is the moment where things get silly, where you start trying to impress one another and make things more interesting. This photo usually shows a bit more what people are really like, a little glimpse into their heart.

20140712_213330 - Copy

Getting Sexy
The next step is the adolescence of the relationship. It is where you are suddenly trying to find your balance between being a single and then becoming a couple. This photo tends to be a bit more sexy or flirty than the rest. Whether it is a full on kiss, a simple look or something more, this photo shows the blossoming into adulthood.

The last photo is where things get real. This photo shows the comfort level, the simplicity of just being together. Whether cuddled close or just sitting looking straight forward there is a comfort in the closeness. There is joy in the simplicity, just as there is in life.

20140712_213330 - Copy (2)

This is how your life in a photo booth strip relates directly to your relationship as a whole. Whether you are in the beginning of one or you have been together for years it is difficult not to live out all the cycles in a single sitting. There is just something about four pictures that tends to show the beginning, middle and final stages of relationship. Photo booths are a form of magic in this simple, yet glorious way.