3 Fun-Tastic Ways To Create The Ultimate Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise birthday party - rent photo booth

Surprise birthday parties are a fun and exciting way to help a friend, family member, or loved one celebrate their birthday. It’s fun and easy to plan a surprise birthday party. When planning a surprise party, think about trying something new and interesting for the part itself.

It’s easy for party planners to get caught up in all of the usual party plans– food, cake, and drinks, few will think about new and interesting ways to entertain. These creative surprise birthday party ideas will help you to take your surprise birthday party to the next level!

Photo Frenzy

One great idea for a surprise party is to hold a photo frenzy party. A photo frenzy is where you give all your guests disposable cameras and let them go at it, taking pictures of whatever they find or whomever they want to take pictures of. Disposable Camera Company offers a wide range of party & wedding disposable cameras with some interesting designs.

A great way to ADD to this idea is to rent a photo booth. A photo booth party rental is easy to get a hold of and is a great way to capture the memories of a party, while providing an instant party favour to your guests. If you are thinking about the cost to rent photo booth, talk to a photo booth party rental company. You may be surprised at how affordable it actually is.

Surprise Location

When people plan a surprise party they often plan it at a house – usually the individual’s house or the house of the person who is throwing the party. Try to do something interesting and new and throw a surprise birthday party in a completely unexpected and creative location. Try to throw the party in a hotel, in a store, or in a location memorable to your group of friends or family members.

Scavenger Hunt Surprise

When people throw a surprise party, they hide in a room and wait for the person to get to the location. They jump, yell surprise, and the surprise is over. Why not elongate the surprise of the party? Set up a scavenger hunt that takes the birthday guest to various locations. Do not hint at the fact that it is a party, or that multiple people will be there. The suspense will build up and their excitement will build as they work to find the surprise party that you have planned.
surprised face - photo booth rental
Incorporate at least one or two of these tips and you will have already created the perfect surprise birthday party that will be remembered for years to come! Contact us for your next surprise birthday celebration!